Profiles in Professionalism

Profiles in Professionalism

Learning from Outside of Medicine

"[Dr. Kazi's] ability to translate learnings from across disciplines to his daily practice allows him to be leader that he is. His mental models, the way he thinks, and the way he approaches issues are what I admire most." - Arjun Gupta, MD

Medical Students Should Help Shape Professionalism in Medicine

"Medical students should be encouraged to speak out more about professionalism, and should play a much bigger role in shaping professionalism for American medicine for now and the future." - Veshal Khetpal

Patient Safety on Film

"The biggest challenge in making 'To Err Is Human' has been establishing the existence of a problem that most Americans don’t even know exists, while prioritizing the solutions that many in health care are still developing." - MIke Eisenberg

Power and Professionalism in Health Care

"With any topic in health care services or policy... you’re inevitably going to be dealing with something that touches professionalism." - Susan Chimonas, PhD

Taking the Time

"I was failing my Limited English Proficiency patients; I did not know them as well and was doing a disservice to them, and myself, with hurried interviews." - Dr. Arjun Gupta

A Life Dedicated to Cost-Effective Care

"Part of professionalism is to be good stewards of public resources and recognizing that we have a responsibility to deal with this issue of rising health care costs." - Dr. Paul Kaplowitz

Bridging Gaps to Better Health in Montana

"It became glaringly obvious that Social Determinants of Health do not maintain an exclusivity to more heavily populated areas, but are a universal hurdle that transcend geographic density." - Lesly Starling, BA, BSN

Making Good Decision-Makers

"Every day in a physician’s life is just a whole series of challenges. Everything is an intellectual challenge but often it is also a moral and professionalism challenge." - Dr. Adina Kalet

Assessing Professionalism

"One student I remember was a professor’s child, who would come in looking like he hadn’t bathed in a week, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap worn backwards… I mean, if you were a patient, would you want this guy touching you?" - Dr. Deborah Ziring

Where Do We Go From Here? Implementing Organizational Professionalism

"Thinking about where we are with this, where the idea is and where we’re going… I have both excitement about this concept because it’s new and a blank slate, and humility because I realize how little we know about how to go about implementing it." - Dr. Barry Egener

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