Misinformation Grant Program

Misinformation Grant Program

The ABIM Foundation is focused on enhancing trust and equity in the health care system. As part of this focus, we are highly interested in how medical misinformation reduces trust between patients and clinicians, and the general population’s trust in health care generally.

This interest led us to create this misinformation grant program, which is designed to support existing practices that are focused on improving the quality of communication about health and ensuring accurate information to the public. Please note that we are not planning to fund new ideas that have not yet been implemented anywhere.

We are open to a variety of proposals, and note (1) our particular interest in practices that are tailored to discrete groups/communities, particularly populations made vulnerable by misinformation and (2) that our interest goes beyond practices that are specifically focused on COVID-19, although we are open to such practices.

At A Glance

  • Letters of Inquiry are accepted annually
  • An independent panel of judges will select two winners, who will receive 2-year grants of $80,000 (first place) or $30,000 (second place).
  • The first-place winner will have the opportunity to present at the annual ABIM Foundation Forum.

Proposal Format

Proposals should not exceed 8 double-spaced pages. Proposals can include hyperlinks but please do not submit attachments.

  • Existing Project: Please describe your existing project to address misinformation, including:
    • How it works
    • The program’s objectives
    • Your approach to measuring its impact, and any data you have 
    • A description of any partners and their role
    • How the project is staffed and financed
    • How your organization is governed
  • Enhanced/Expanded Project: Please describe how you would enhance or expand your project if you were to receive a grant, including:
    • A summary of how the project would change/grow with additional funding
    • Your expected impact/outcomes and how you will measure whether they have been achieved
    • The program’s feasibility, including any barriers to success and your plans to mitigate them
    • Any expected partners and their role
    • The replicability and scalability of the enhanced/expanded program
  • Deliverables and Timeline: Please include a distinct timeline section that includes all major tasks and deliverables to be accomplished as part of the grant and the dates by which those deliverables will be accomplished.
  • Project Team: Briefly describe the background and relevant experience of the project leader and other team members, and their expected roles in the project.
  • Budget: Please provide a budget showing how the requested funds would be used if you receive an $80,000 grant. Indirect costs may not exceed 10 percent. The proposal should also include a budget narrative section that provides a concise overview of the budget, and explains what elements of the budget you would retain if you received a $30,000 grant.

How to Apply

We are no longer accepting proposals for this grant program.

Learn more about previous grant recipients