Learning / Action Sessions

2020 ABIM Foundation First Virtual Forum

Learning/Action Session: Repairing the pipeline: structural changes - Monica Lypson (Medical Edu)
Who should be part of the profession to innovate? Should those in the pipeline trust [medical] education across the continuum?

COVID-19 has cast a spotlight on how known inequalities in health by personal characteristics, such as race, ethnicity and gender, play out in our health system. We have created a system in which physicians who are from minoritized (marginalized) populations, which include but are not limited to racial/ethnic groups, low income, and physicians from rural areas, are more likely to serve these populations. They also innovate in science and in partnership with their respective communities for solutions. Those physicians/trainees have often overcome daily hurdles to practice this craft, only to have felt the personal impact of COVID-19 on our patients, our families and ourselves.
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